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21 Day Fix All-Round Fitness Plan

21 Day Fix All-Round Fitness Plan

21 Day Fix is an all-rounded fitness plan. With a nutrition schedule and a 30-minute workout session planned for every day, the program is pretty easy for anyone to follow. With this fitness program, you not only achieve weight loss, you also get a healthier body by learning to incorporate a healthy diet into your everyday life.

21 Day Fix program Content

The 21 Day Fix program has a total of 7 workouts, including the bonus Dirty 30. The other six workouts include total body cardio fix, cardio fix, upper fix, lower fix, yoga fix and pilates fix.

Diet Plan
This diet plan is aimed at portion control. The diet entails plain and simple recipes which are to be taken every day for the next 21 days. The recipes are a green vegetable, a purple fruit, one yellow carbohydrate, one red protein, 2 oranges, healthy fats and a shake.

Benefits of the Program

Program Suitability
The 21 Day Fix fitness program is suitable for basically everyone. The elderly or those over 40, will find the workout easy to follow. The exercises aren’t too hard which is great at this age when muscles get worn easily. Also, the program is suitable for youths. As you get used to the exercises, you can challenge your body by incorporating weights. Therefore, you will only need one fitness program to keep the whole family fit.

Customer Support
The 21 day fix program is from a very reputable company, Beachbody. The company maintains a very helpful customer support team that is available at all times.

Healthy living
The program does not only help you shed those extra pounds, it also helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is by learning to eat healthy and control your daily portions.

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