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21 Day Fix

It a new year which means that you have probably made some goals to fix a few things in your life. If one happens to be working on your body then why not start out with something that will get you going on the right track faster than you ever expected. What if you could kick start your year off with a 21 day fix?

When you follow Autumn Calabrese and work out with her in her 21 Day Fix program, you will have a perfectly scheduled workout routine that you can do all year long. You will work on every part of your body while doing a different style of workout each day. Not every day is a crazy day but remember that most days are not easy at the beginning but after time you will have the stamina to prolong your workouts.

Autumn has made things simple by focusing on one thing at a time.

1. Day one begins with a total cardio workout.

2. Day two focuses on the upper body.

3. Day three focuses on the leg workouts.

4. Day four offers pilates or flat ab fixes but is a full core workout.

5. Day five is another cardio day.

6. Day six is what Autumn calls the Dirty 30.

7. Day seven is the end of the week yoga, which is perfect for relaxing the mind and body.

Following Autumns 21 Day workout routine is more than just exercising though. She offer a 21 day eating plan along with special food containers that are color coded for your snacks and meals. Each container is differently sized for perfect proportions every time and each color stands for a different food group. How smart is that?

This really is a great program for those who are willing to work for it. Remember to never push yourself overboard on anything and if you need breaks in between days, that is okay too. If you cannot physically do a move you see in the videos, then take that time for a quick breather and a sip of water. However you routine your fitness goals, never give up and remember the benefits in the end. Read more information about 21 day fix review come visit us at our site.

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