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21 Day Fix Review

21 Day Fix Review

21 Day Fix Review

21 Day Fix is a program from Autumn Calabrese that guarantees to give you a beach body in just twenty-one days. However, most people despite being tempted by the program find it hard to believe.

The 21 Day Fix program is contained in two DVDs, the DVDs hold a total of six workouts. The thirty-minute workout session makes sure your body burns maximum calorie. The six workout are different, and each workout focuses on different aspect of your body, hence giving you maximum fitness benefits.

During the first fourteen days of the 21 Day Fix program, you will be involved in one workout per day. On the third week of the program, you are allowed to take part in two workouts a day .i.e. you work out in the morning and in the evening.

Description of the Workouts

The below workout gives you an enjoyable and stimulating experience since they have all been carefully crafted.

Upper Fix: the workout targets your arms, shoulders, abs, back and your chest. It helps you to have a sculpted body.

Total Body Cardio Fix: the workout increases your metabolism and your heart rate which gives you more advantage in losing weight.

Lower Fix: targets your but, calves and thighs.

Cardio Fix: it improves your cardio performance by heightening your cardio exercise.

Yoga Fix: the workout tones your muscles and makes your joint more flexible.

Pirates Fix: the workout helps tone your thighs, hips, and butt. It also sculpts your torso.

21 Day Fix Eating Plan

21Day Fix program uses a portion control system to give you an optimum health benefit, unlike the other nutrition programs that require you to follow a strict diet. With the program you do not have to measure calories, you can eat as much food as can fit in the container and still continue to lose weight. Click on 21 day fix review for more details.

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