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21 Day Fix

21 Day Fix

When a person is overweight obese it affects all areas in their life. There are increased health risks involved with being overweight or obese that could impact them chronically. Also, a person just feels better about themselves if they are at a healthy weight and have improved muscle tone. This increased self confidence can affect all areas in their lives, including personal and professional. Having a nutritious plan to follow along with a regular exercise routine can make a person feel better overall and improve their quality of life. The 21 Day Fix is such a program that has benefited numerous people in this regard. It is a simple program that anyone can do.

The Exercise Program

Exercising on a routine basis not only helps a person lose weight, but it also helps the mood by releasing endorphins, which are better known as the "feel good" hormones. Exercising on a routine basis helps increase muscle tone and strength which helps in all areas of a person's life. The 21 Day Fix program consists of a program which gives you two DVDs and six workouts. You start by exercising once a day in a 30-minute, calorie-burning workout and advance your way up. By the last week, you will be exercising twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. This program helps give you a boost to establishing an exercise routine that you can maintain throughout life.

The Diet Plan

The 21 Day Fix makes it very easy to consume a diet that is nutritious and delicious and one you can stick with. You are given color coded containers in which to fill with food choices from the food list and the multiple food groups. You no longer have to count calories or carbohydrates. You just simply eat what is in that container. It is recommended that you consume three large meals or six small meals along with two to three snacks per day.

The 21 day fix program is designed so that anyone can follow it and maintain a healthy lifestyle after the 21 days are over.

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