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21 Day Fix Info

21 Day Fix Info

Getting into beach body shape isn't easy when you've got so much going on in your day to day life. How can you prioritize getting into a perfect fitness level when you have to deal with work, the kids, prepping the house, and getting a little bit of sleep somewhere along the way? Fortunately there are a ton of ways that you can squeeze in some extra time in order to find your perfect body. We'll look at a little routine called the 21 day fix.

The 21 Day Fix.

Did you know you can pretty much change your body over the course of three weeks? The 21 Day Fix is predicated on the idea that you can get yourself into a routine and accomplish some major goals all without running into the most common issues that people run into: failure to commit to a routine, losing focus, and even failing at some of the harder tasks diet routines ask of you. So how does this work? How can you slip into a routine and find your life changed all at once?

The 21 Day Routine pushes your workout regiment into three different weeks worth of programs. You'll start out on the first week with a 7 day collection of workouts that are focused on tuning your body in multiple ways. The best part about this routine is that you can do it all completely from your own home. You won't need any fancy weights or machines. You'll do stuff like cardio, yoga, and ab workouts to get going.

The third week you'll be focused on pushing that same fitness routine while adding in pilates and more intense work outs. Once you've got the routine down you need only repeat it until you find the results that you have wanted!

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